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Save your Strands from Summertime Damage

If you’re a swimmer like me, you know your hair can take a beating from chlorine and constant postswim showering and styling.To protect my hair from the pool water’s harsh, dehydrating chemicals, I always use a swim cap. Before I put it on, I finger-comb a thick hair mask through my hair. So then I’m getting a great workout and a deep-conditioning treatment. That’s my kind of multitasking. Of course, you also need to protect your hair when you’re on dry land: SELF found one study that showed five days of peak sun exposure (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) weakens hair by 36.2 percent -- and that weakness leads to lackluster, broken hair strands (possibly the reason your hair “won’t grow”). A hat or baseball cap will protect your hair, but that’s not always practical. (I can just see myself arriving at an important meeting with my floppy beach hat on.) Much easier to do: Use a spray-on UV-protecting styler (many brands offer this technology -- check the labels.) Apply it to damp hair and style as usual. It can build up, though, so be sure to shampoo at the end of the day.
By : Lucy Danziger/Yahoo Health

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