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Quick Cures For A Cold

Curing a common cold can be really easy if you follow certain steps. It can cause less discomfort, and save you the pain of having to take unnecessary medication that can make you sleepy and slow.
Increase the amount of vitamin C in your diet. This can be done either by incorporating foods containing vitamin C, or simply taking supplements. Oranges and kiwis have abundant vitamin C content, and can be consumed either directly as fruits, or in juice form.
Bell peppers, greens, berries and broccoli are other vegetables that contain vitamin C in them. Mix the juice of lemon with warm water, honey and ginger to help soothe the throat and cure colds faster.
Garlic adds not only an unmistakable flavor to food, but also gives your immunity added strength. It contains nutrients that have strong anti-viral properties, making it a boon in keeping away ailments.
Vegetables that have bright colours are also helpful. Stack up on potatoes, yams, carrots and spinach.Green tea helps you relax and also keeps you healthier with it high antioxidant properties.
Zinc, found in whole grains, lamb, beef, nuts and beans also helps. It can weaken the virus that actually causes colds, and can help lower the intensity of the symptoms you are facing.
Onions work well with foods that have vitamin C in them. They help in killing harmful bacteria in the body and preventing diseases from attacking. They also help in recovering faster.
Plenty of fluids can help in flushing out toxins and help you get better faster. Warm beverages can make the throat feel better and also help relieve clogged noses.
The key is in keeping your spirits high. Feeling low will only make the ailment more severe. Tell yourself you will get better, and see an almost instant difference in the way you feel.

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