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Psychology of Colors !

The psychology of colours is quite interesting. Some scientists say, that with the help of psychology of colours we may identify the character of a person.
Moreover, there is a belief, that colours have a great influence on our mood, choices, actions and many other different things in our life.
Some descriptions of colours are :
Red: danger, passion, energy, warmth, adventure, optimism.
Pink: loveorange: stability, reassurance, warmth and is thought to aid digestiongreen : nature and energy, calming and restful, balance (halfway between red and blue)
Blue: calming and soothing, promotes intellectual thought, believed to keep hunger at bay; loyalty, serenity, authority, protection, contemplative, prevents nightmares.
Yellow: sunshine and energy, stimulates the intellectlilac: spiritual matters - suggests the misty area between the sky and heaven, feminine.
Purple: creativity, fertility, joy, but also magic, evil, death and sex.
Brown: security, stability and very practical.
Black: death, eccentricity, drama.
it's a on-colour that absorbs colour and reflects nothing back.

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