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You don't need lots of Money to lead a good life !

When you look back at the years that have by gone do you repent or are you happy with how things have gone so far. If you are happy then you have led a good life irrespective whether you don’t have an shelter to stay, your pocket has been empty for most of the times and you went without food for several days. If you look back and you repent then it is obvious you missed the precious moments of your life which is irrecoverable (whether you have expensive cars, tons of money, popularity doesn’t count). No money or no popularity can bring those days back. No man in this planet gets a second chance in this case.
Time once lost cannot be recreated. On your dead bed the only treasure that a person will possess is his memories. Good or bad depends on how you led your life. Your quality of life wouldn’t depend on the money in your bank account, the Ferrari’s that you own, your farm house or your expensive clothes. The quality of your life would depend upon your contribution towards life. Not everybody is born with a Golden spoon and for that matter most people do not see the day of light in terms of money all through their life. How do they contribute to any cause? Is Contribution today only seen in terms of money/ charity, developing schools, hospitals or giving expensive gifts? Contribution to me is beyond all this. What does it take to be nice or kind to someone? What does it take to smile to strangers? What does it take to help someone in their bad days (may be a word of consolation). What does it take to greet someone with smile? What does it take to be cheerful all the time? It doesn’t need you any money nor do the rich become any poorer when they do so. All it takes is your initiative. The preparation of your mind to see the world with openness and compassionate love. It is priceless and beyond any cost. I may not remember the last time I have been involved in my charitable cause. Honestly, I cannot afford that. But I do remember the last time I smiled to a stranger. I do remember my gentle words helped someone get out of their desperate feelings. I do remember my little words of appreciation made someone's day. I do remember making people laugh/smile. That's my contribution, at least I can afford to contribute this each and every day and to me this day to day contribution is much beyond the 1 billion contribution a rich man will shell once a year and wait until another year for another big contribution. A generous heart is always a happy heart. You will not come across any person who will be sad after doing charity or helping himself for a noble cause. It keeps him happy. A rich man will stay happy once a while but I know I will stay happy everyday and all the while because I plan to be good to everyone all the while.

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