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Forget the Remote; Control TV By Waving Your Hand

No need to worry about losing the remote with new touchless technology.
Touchscreens are so yesterday. Remote controls? So last century.
The future is controlling your devices with a simple wave of the hand.
A wiggle of the fingers will change television channels or turn the volume up or down. In video games, your movements will control your onscreen digital avatar.
It's called 3-D gesture recognition and while it may not be in stores this Christmas a number of technology companies are promising that it will be by next year.
Softkinetic, a Brussels-based software company, is one of the leaders in the gesture-control field and has teamed up with US semiconductor giant Texas Instruments and others to make this touchless vision of the future a reality.
Besides TI, Softkinetic has forged partnerships with France's Orange Vallee for interactive TV, another Belgian firm, Optrima, a maker of 3-D cameras and sensors, and with Connecting Technology, a French home automation company.
"On the consumer side you have three markets -- television, video games and personal computers," Softkinetic chief executive Michel Tombroff told AFP in a telephone interview.
"The objective is to be on the consumer market at the end of next year, by Christmas, so people can buy these things," he said.
"In the same way that the Nintendo Wii completely changed the way that people play video games this 3-D camera technology will allow us to completely transform the way people interact with television," Tombroff said.
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