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The Most Dangerous Bird on Earth !

The Most Dangerous Bird on Earth is now Endangered.
The Southern Cassowary may not be as much of a household name as its cousins the
Ostrich and the Emu, but even though it is classified as
"only" the third largest bird on the planet it has a less welcome claim to fame.
This species is believed to have undergone a rapid decline in the last three generations (30 years) in Australia, and declines of a similar magnitude may have occurred elsewhere in its range, with local extirpation reported from parts of New Guinea.
It is therefore classified as Vulnerable. However, the decline in Australia resulted from an extraordinary rate of habitat destruction which has virtually ceased.
Further information from New Guinea may indicate that the species would be better listed as Near Threatened if hunting does not increase in the large areas of existing habitat there.
Take a look at officially the most dangerous bird on the planet.
Claimed by the Guinness Book of Records as the most dangerous bird in the world.

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