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Keep Life In Balance

It's nice to relax on a regular basis. Yet a life of nothing but relaxation would be unbearably miserable.
It is extremely fulfilling and energizing to put forth great effort and to make things happen. Yet if that's all you ever do, your spirit will surely become worn away.
Life is best when it is balanced. Night and day, warm and cool, wet and dry, effort and rest all benefit from each other and from the natural balance that permeates all of life.
Are you plagued by frustrations, or weariness, anxiety, doubt, confusion or lack of motivation?
Then the chances are very good that something in your life is out of balance.
Often, the best way to get something done is to stop working on it for a while.
And the best way to fully enjoy the time when you're not working is to practice discipline, diligenc e and commitment during the times when you are working.
Your life is blessed with many different aspects.
Keep them all in balance, and they will all be of much greater value to you.
~Ralph Marston~

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