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Achieving Your Goals

First and foremost positive thinking and big ambition is the first step to achieving your goals in life. However, it goes without saying that lofty goals without taking action is infructious.

The different is between dreaming and aiming in life is that - if you have to dream you have to fall a sleep but if you have to aim high in life you must spend sleepless nights and having said that below are few pointers which one must remember in order to realize their dreams.

1) As Stephen Covey said the difference is between condition and conditioning and for this to happen one must have realistic dreams and have be believe that the condition will change if the efforts made towards a goal are consistently. ( Conditioning here means not go wilt under pressure and give up )

2) One door always open the other and hence we have to take the first small step and continue the journey incessantly.

3) For the above to happen we must have a passion for what we do and the chosen carrier or objective has to be what we love to do the must.

4) If this happens then the universe is bound to conspire in your favor and present you with viable opportunity.

5) Therefore, firstly dreams have to be realistic and not general or abstract like I want to be a big man in life or I want to touch many lives but this must be step by step process and each step must be defined and achievable.

Dreams are what motivate you in life and from the perspective of management science or philosophy everything is in a state of Flux and it is inherant in a man to keep moving forward. Therefore, the dreams are bound to be there which is what gives one the motivation to achieve greater heights.

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