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Am I Happy ?

If there is any sadness I make a strong
effort to be free of it quickly,
otherwise it grows like a vine in the
rainy season:
by midday I will be confused, by evening
a whole jungle of weak, wasteful and
negative attitudes will have taken deep
roots in my mind.
The result equals chaos.
Sometimes I reach a stage where the
attitude is:
"So what if I feel the blues today?
It is my life, no one else will be affected".
Firstly, the more I allow myself to
experience sorrow, the less time I have
available to be happy and contented.
It sounds ridiculously obvious, but
am I aware of the value of happiness?
It is an extremely rare commodity,
and the cost goes sky high.
Secondly, is it my life?
Yes, I am living it, but am I not a member
of a family or a co-worker with others,
and am I not part of society?
If so, then every movement affects and
is affected by those around me.
From: ~Zubia Kiran~

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