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Unusual Business Cards That Will Really Get Some Attention

Unusual Business Cards That Will Really Get Some Attention

Business is tough these days. It’s not enough to just keep up with the competition, you have to go one step further (and make sure your Facebook page looks better than theirs, too). You’ve got to stand out to get noticed in the business world and one way to do that is with business cards that nobody else is handing out.

We’re not just talking about some two-sided, full-color print job. That’s just lame. These are cards that scream for attention. Cards that won’t be tossed as soon as that networking event is over. Cards that are absolutely impossible to ignore (OK, and few that are impossible to take seriously).

Come on, sing it with me now: Ch-ch-ch Chia! While this business card does get some points for taking us back to the childhood days that we spent watching our Chia-man sprout his afro, we’re not sure if it’s the way to go. You run the risk of giving them to someone like me, who’s going to be annoyed that you gave them yet another plant that’s just going to make them feel guilty when they die.

Chia pet business card

If you follow Offbeat Earth on Twitter or Facebook you know that we are big, big LEGO fans. So it’s no surprise that we are consumed with jealousy over the fact that LEGO employees get LEGO figurines to hand out as cards. Must. Have. This.

LEGO figurine business card

An absolutely genius idea: Give them a tool related to their business that they can actually use, so your business card is with them when they need it most. IT guys can give USB ports. Bankers can give money clips. And strippers can give… well, use your imaginations.

Bike wrench business card

Nothing says “I’m a bad-ass” like ninja stars (even if they are made from card stock).

Ninja stars business cards

These business cards printed on peanuts are perfect for when you’re meeting with someone who’s too busy too eat lunch. Bonus points if you meet after hours and can hand them a nice frosty beer with your sales pitch on it.

Peanuts business cards

Give them this card and then make a joke about how “flexible” you can be when it comes to making deals, and that it’s no “stretch” to see a successful relationship with them in the future. At the very least, you’ve forced them to politely laugh at your corny puns.

Rubber band business card

The meat card - the Chuck Norris of business cards. It’s an edible business card made of meat that shows them you mean business. Just walk in, hand them this and then hand them the contract. If they won’t sign instantly for someone who’s bold enough to have a meat card, then they’re not worth doing business with.

Business card made from meat

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These are really stunning. They will help me so much in choosing designs for my plastic business cards. Thanks for sharing.

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