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This is Your Moment !

Whatever you feel on the inside,
You will experience on the outside.
Life reflects back to you the way
You most sincerely and persistently are.
When you're having a joyful day it's because You've decided to do so. The world you see is directly
Related to the world you intend to see. From nothing, in an instant, you can
Create joy. Where there was none before,
You can express love. Do you realize the awesome power
In your ability to feel the way you.
Choose to feel? With that power you
Can change the world. You're extraordinarily skilled at
Changing your feelings, and you've
Had much experience at doing so.
Beautiful feeling manifests in the
World around you. This is your moment to live more
Fully than you've ever lived.
Feel the possibilities,
And bring them joyfully to life.

~Ralph Marston~  

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