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Are You Ready for the Big Commitment ?

Finally he proposed you!!! You are so happy, the ring is gorgeous and everybody know the big news. But after all this finish and you have a moment of thinking , something is not right….you feel overwhelmed .Even if you have expected this moment all your life, you feel a bit strange. Maybe because until now it was just a princess dream, but now it is real and things are more and more serious and you are afraid.
  Did you do the correct step? Are you ready to say yes? You decided the best?
You spend time together and nothing would stop you to do so. You had made plans, you love, actually, you just waited for this moment . But suddenly, suddenly, something happened and you are put on the thoughts. To be marriage the milestone between childhood and adulthood?
Fears before marriage are normal for both women and for men. The fact that in our minds are all sorts of anxieties about the couple life let you think if you made the perfect choice. Questions like: “if I fail?”, “If later I will change my mind?”, “If I am not love him any longer ?”, “If don’t understand?”. Even the most enduring love go through these changes before the big moment. Moreover, it is only natural. We’re cutting the feelings of the most complex and colorful, so it is natural that such fears to appear so one hand, and the other. Fear of the unknown, especially if you have not lived together before, fear that you have not done properly, that you are not ready emotionally, financially or any other reason, will give a few headaches before the big event. But stay calm! Marriage is not nearly as complicated as it is said. Living alongside the beloved one is a unique experience, but must be aware that in life the couple must exist and compromises. This is essential for family harmony.
Our need for affection, for feeling somebody close to us, the fear of changing or the fear that you may not love your partner after a long period of time, all those things are normal. But you don’t have to feel anxious, you have no reason, it is natural to be afraid of unknown situations, but once you get through your fears , you will feel so happy, like you’d never had those “black” thoughts.
The first thing that you ask yourself is” do I really love him?” This question is as normal as could be. You don’t have to panic, the best thing to do is to relax and have some moments of inner silence, some moments just for you when you could put in balance the things that you love or hate at your partner, how does he makes you feel, how does he behave with you, is he your soul mate? Only when the balance tilt to the positive pole , then you are ready for the big commitment.

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