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Hitler painting sold for €32,000

Hitler painting sold for €32,000

A Slovak online auction has just proved that art by the world’s most vicious dictator is still considered valuable by some people. On Sunday Hitler’s painting ‘Maritime Nocturno’ fetched €32,000 at Darte auction house.

The picture entitled ‘Maritime Nocturno’ was sold to an anonymous buyer. RT reported.
The 1913 work was estimated at €25,000 with a starting price of €10,000.
It was put on sale by the family of a Slovak artist who had apparently met Hitler in Vienna, where the future Fuhrer was pursuing his ambition to become a professional artist.
The 60x48cm picture depicts a glittering sea under a full moon.
In 2011 the auction house sold another Hitler painting from the same collection for €10,200.
Hitler was interested in art from early childhood.
As a young man he even painted for a living. In the late 1900s he attempted to enter the Vienna Fine Arts Academy but failed.

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