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“Never offer a bald man a comb”

Dan Kennedy’s funny quote, “Never offer your comb to a bald man” is both humorous and very important to you as a marketer.
You have to really know your prospects and your customers. 
Think about it right now:
“How much do you REALLY know about your customers?”
Are you making the mistake of offering combs to bald men?
Most business owners know more about their favorite character on TV than they do about their customers or ideal prospects.
It’s sad, but it’s true!
You have to investigate – do research – to know as much about your target market as possible.
ASK YOUR CUSTOMERS what other goods or services or options THEY might like.
“Build to suit them!” Find and understand your target market FIRST, then develop the product/service/offer and MESSAGE to match them.
The BIG lesson here is:
Match your Marketing MESSAGE to match the market you’re speaking to.

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