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Four-year-old artist shocked world !

  Four-year-old Aelita Andre is a professional abstract painter of Russian heritage, currently living in Melbourne, Australia with her mother Nikka and her father Michael. She is a member of NAVA (National Association for the Visual Arts). Aelita is said to be the youngest ever professional artist.
Like many other kids she began by painting on large sheets of paper in her play-group. Her father, Michael Andre and Mother Nikka paint as a hobby.
When her father placed one of his canvases on the floor to paint on one occasion, Aelita crawled onto it and began dabbing and smearing the paint with such a conviction and passion that her father let her alone to continue. He placed another canvas beside his on the floor and let her paint on her own.
Now a worldwide sensation Aelita’s paintings continue to ignite heated debates around the world about art.
Aelita practices “automatism” and “accidentalism”, branches surrealism extensively practiced by Salvador Dali and Picasso. As well, Aelita approaches the canvas with a precise (traditional) ‘intentionality’.
In other words Aelita combines ‘non-conscious’ techniques and discernable intended abstract depictions of  reality/objects. From the ‘cosmic’ depiction of nebulae (after watching BBC space documentaries) to ‘ariel color mapping techniques’, through to the microscopic – paintings of ants etc. Her style and subject matter is eclectic and wide ranging.
The girl has already opened two solo art exhibitions in the United States and Italy. Dozens of her paintings have been sold. Aelita’s most expensive painting sold for $ 30 000 and the total value of sold paintings of nearly a million dollars.
Apart from her love of painting she enjoys gym and crafts, tinkering on the piano and singing.
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