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Most Amazing Yachts in the World

Written by Shraddha Yawalkar   

Travel is no longer used as a means to merely get from one destination to another. In today’s world, where luxury replaces comfort, the journey is a holiday within itself.  No one understands this better than the millionaires who are fortunate enough to own these spectacular yachts.  From yachts that look like a part of the ocean to being able to park on the road, the concept of a yacht itself has undergone remarkable transformations. Here’s a look at the Top 10 Most Amazing Yachts. 
amazing yachts collage
1) Tropical Yacht
1-amazing yachts
Designed by Yacht Island Designs, a U.K based company, this incredible yacht is a dream come true.  Most people use travel as a means to reach their holiday destination. However, aboard this yacht you will be living the ultimate tropical holiday.  The main aim of the designers is to create a heavenly, floating island, equipped with all the features of a tropical island getaway.  This luxurious vessel contains four VIP guest suites and an unbelievable owner’s suite built into the volcano.  The beautiful waterfall can be seen running from the volcano and feeding into the swimming pool.  The yacht is also outfitted with features such as a cinema, library, gym, bar and outdoor dining.
2) The Turanor
2-amazing yachts-turanor
The Turanor is the brainchild of Planet Sola and is a classic example of how far technology has come. It is the largest solar powered boat ever to set sail. It can easily accommodate up to 100, with a crew of a half dozen.  What makes this 8.5 ton boat even more spectacular is that it can store up to 3 days worth of sailing power, thus allowing it to sail at night without a problem. 
3) Adastra
  Adastra - Amazing Yacht
  Only the Chinese can think of constructing a ship that can be controlled through a custom app available on iPad. Designed by John Shuttleworth Yacht Designs in West Sussex, England, Adastra is a 139-foot powerhouse of luxury which has taken more than 5 years to develop.  She is designed to take long distance cruises around the Pacific. All this for the price of $15 million.
4) Eclipse
4-amazing yachts-eclipse
You have to be royalty, or at least very close to it to be able to afford this lavish liner. Estimated to have cost about $800 million, it is currently the most expensive yacht in the world. This beautiful yacht contains two helicopter pads, 24 guest cabins, two swimming pools, a dance hall and a master bedroom with an opening roof. 44 year old Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich is the lucky owner of this vessel, which is also the longest private yacht in the world at an astounding 164 meters. 
Floating Home
 5-amazing yachts-floating house
  Yes, you are right. It is a floating home. It has all the amenities one would find in a house, a kitchen, living room, dining area and bedrooms.  However, this is one home which also has a sun deck and a 360 degree view of the tranquil ocean. It has been designed by X-Architects and measures 20 by 6.7 meters with white interiors and contemporary furniture.
6) Iguana 29 Amphibious Yacht
6-amazing yachts-iguana 29
Imagine having a boat that you can just drive up the shore and park next to your car. The super cool Iguana 29 lets you do just that. This center console speed yacht has the ability not just to cruise along the water but also drive on land. However, it doesn’t do this with the help of wheels, but with a pair of retractable tread that lower into the water and carry the boat onto a hard surface. Even though it probably won’t reach the speed of an on-road car but it is the first one its kind-a truly amphibious boat.
7) Streets of Monaco
7-amazing yachts-monaco
Modeled after a section of Monte Carlo, this stunning yacht is the world’s most expensive.  Expected to cost over $1.1 billion, this exceptional vessel will have buildings and a beach instead of the usual swimming pool and deck.  The ship will include famous landmarks such as the Monte Carlo Casino and racetrack, Hotel de Paris, cinema, swimming pool and even a go kart track! This 115 m long yacht can accommodate up to 16 guests and 70 crew members. Its aim is to recreate the “billionaire playground of Monaco”.
8) Oculus
8-amazing yachts-oculus
Want to feel one with the ocean? Climb aboard the Oculus and you will experience just that. Designed by Kevil Schopfer of Schopfer Yachts LLC, this exceptional superyacht sports an awesome look that resembles “the jaw and eye socket bone structure of large oceanic fish”. It contains a cylindrical double height dining room, a bath, an elevator, bedchambers all of which are exquisitely furnished in a modern, chic way.  In addition, there is a beautiful owner’s suite which takes up almost the entire second floor.  
9) The $4.6 million floating home
9-amazing yachts-floating home
 Why live in a boring home constructed on land when you now have the option of a floating one? German company ORSOS Islands believes just that and so are in the process of designing what can only be described as one of the coolest homes ever.  This opulent yacht features solar panels, skylighting, a living room, kitchen and a home theatre system all spread out over 10,000 square feet. All this for $4.6 million. Better start saving up!
10) Floating City
10-amazing yachts-floating city
Real estate prices are shooting up every day, making it seem as though owning a house of your own will soon be a distant dream. Blueseed, however, seems to have come up with a unique and bizarre solution, a floating city! It is a project that is targeted towards young professionals who will work and live on the barge. Located off the coast of California, the entrepreneurs must apply to be considered for a spot on Blueseed.  If they are approved, they will pay about $1,600 each month to live and work on the barge. It is scheduled to launch in 2013.

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