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Baby jumping festival, the weirdest religious tradition !

Shocking But truth. It's not a joke, the Baby-jumping Colacho Festival is a real annual event celebrated all over Spain since 1620.
It consists of grown men dressed as the Devil, leaping over helpless babies.
Why do they do this? They represent the devils that, when they jump, they take all the evil with them leaving the babies clean of evil.
Here are some of the snapshots of one of the weirdest religious traditions.
Although it sounds more like a nightmare, the ritual is part of the annual Catholic festival Corpus Christi, which has been celebrated all over Spain since 1620.
Known to the locals as El Colacho, the event marks the feast of Corpus Christi and sees an incarnate devil jump over children to rid them of evil.
The festival also features processions, mystery plays and the whippings.
Throughout the celebrations, the shadowy brotherhood of Santísimo Sacramento de Minerva ( the people responsible for organising the celebrations) chase and terrorise the township with whips at regular intervals throughout the day.
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