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Antibody : against everyone.

Artery : The study of the paintings.

Bacteria : back door to a cafeteria.

Caesarean section : a district in Rome.

Cardiology : advance study of poker playing.

Cat scan : searching for lost kitty.

Chronic : neck of a crow.

Coma : punctuation mark.
Cortisone : area around local court.
Cyst : short for sister.
Diagnosis : person with slanted nose.

Dilate : the late British Princess Diana.

Dislocation : in this place.

Duodenum : couple in blue jeans.

Enema : not a friend.

Fake labour : pretending to work.

Genes : blue denim.

Hernia : she is close by.
Impotent : distinguished/ well known.

Labour pain : hurt at work.

Lactose : people without toes.

Lymph : walk unsteadily.

Microbes : small dressing gown.

Obesity : city of Obe.

Pacemaker : winner of Nobel peace prize.

Proteins : in favour of teens.

Pulse : grain.

Pus : small cat.

Red blood count : Dracula.

Secretion :hiding anything.

Tablet : small table.

Ultrasound : radical noise.

Urine : opposite of you're out.

Varicose : very close.

From : "Mohammad Ashraful Amin"

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