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Live Statues on Display in London !

Live Statues on Display in London Posted: 06 Jul 2009 07
Today started the first day of the 100-day live sculpture exercise created by sculptor Antony Gormley. The “One & Other” project allows for individuals to stand for one hour on top of a plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square. A total of 2,400 people are needed for the project, and so far 14,500 people have applied; however, the applications are still open. Gormley wants the project to reflect on everyday life and show the vulnerability of each individual in contemporary society.Up first was housewife and mother of two, Rachel Wardell, who held up a sign promoting the children’s charity NSPCC. The four after her were Jason Clark, Jill Gatcum, Christine Shamran and Scott Illman. Clark posed as an “ordinary British man”; Gatcum set off balloons promoting charities; Shamran drew images she saw from atop her perch; and Illman wore a town crier outfit promoting his bar. Each hour for the next 99 days will contain diverse individuals, just like these five. Some plan to sing, dress in “poo costumes” and celebrate their birthdays atop the plinthe, which was originally built to display an equestrian statue that never got built.
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