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Power system would recharge without wires !

Oxford, England (UPI)
A power system now in development could charge cell phones and other gadgets without the use of wires, researchers at a conference in Britain said.
Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are experimenting with the physical phenomenon of "resonance," which causes an object to vibrate when energy frequencies are applied, MIT Professor Marin Soljacic said in Oxford at the TED Global Conference on "ideas worth spreading."
It is resonance, for example, that causes a glass to explode when a singer hits exactly the right note.
Exploiting the resonance of electromagnetic waves could send energy from a power source to cell phones, laptop computers and myriad other gadgets that today are charged through wire hookups, Soljacic told the BBC in a story published Friday.
Such a system could replace miles of expensive power cables and billions of disposable batteries, said Eric Giler, chief executive of the U.S. firm Witricity, who demonstrated a wireless television at the conference.

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