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An Amazing Man !

Warren Edward Buffett (born August 30, 1930) is a U.S. investor, businessman, and philanthropist. He is one of the most successful investors in history, the largest shareholder and C.E.O. of Berkshire Hathaway, and in 2008 was ranked by Forbes as the richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of approximately $62 billion.
There was a one hour interview on CNBC with Warren Buffet, the world’s second richest man who has donated $31 billion to charity.
Following are some very interesting aspects of his life:
He bought his first share at age 11 and he now regrets that he started too late!
Things were very cheap that time… Encourage your children to invest.
He bought a small farm at age 14 with savings from delivering newspapers.
One can buy many things with few savings.

Encourage your children to start some kind of business.
He still lives in the same small 3-bedroom house in mid-town Omaha , that he bought after he got married 50 years ago.
He says that he has everything he needs in that house.
His house does not have a wall or a fence.
Don't buy more than you "really need" and encourage your children to do and think the same. He drives his own car everywhere and does not have a driver or security people around him. You are what you are… He never travels by private jet, although he owns the world's largest private jet company.
Always think how you can accomplish things economically

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