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The Coolest Office in the World

In the interest of getting the most out of its employees it only makes sense for a company to tailor its offices towards the type of work being performed. For most of us, that means the joy of cubicle life. After all, cubes are cost-effective, make for an efficient use of space and suffice for most types of office work just fine.

However, for CEO George Davidson, “just fine” wasn’t going to cut it. George is the founder and CEO of Inventionland, a company that, not surprisingly, invents things; lots of things. According to their website, Inventionland churns out over 2,000 new inventions each year. In order to keep his company from stagnating and running out of ideas, Davidson decided to create an office that seems as much inspired by Willy Wonka as it does production flow. If you can’t get creative here, you can’t get creative.

The 61,000 square foot Inventionland offices opened in 2006. The facility features 16 unique work areas including a castle, a cave, a giant robot and a pirate ship for employees to work in. There are also waterfalls, trees and chirping birds. So the next time you see some really cool new product, remember that there’s a good chance it was invented on the lower deck of a fake pirate ship.

All photos courtesy of Office Snapshots.

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