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World Records You Can Break

When we’re young our parents and teachers tell us to reach for the stars, aim high, be the best, etc. However, that’s a little easier said than done. After all, no one’s going to break the world record for the fastest 400 meter sprint without some serious genetic help, and chances are that if you’re still 5’4” at age sixteen you’re not going to be world’s tallest man.

Then again, if you can manage to adjust your expectations a little bit then you too could end up in the record books. Here’s a list of several standing Guinness World Records that just about anyone could break if they really wanted to…

The most steps walked down by a dog facing forwards while balancing a 5oz. glass of water - Current record is 10.

Most body piercings in one session - Current record is 3,900 in 7 hours, 46 minutes.

Longest bumper car marathon - Current record 24 hours.

Loudest male burp - Current record 109.9db

All photos via Guinness.

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