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Frame Concept Camera is an easy to use digital camera that makes picture-take a less stressful job. Forefingers and thumbs have often been used as an intuitive benchmark for focusing and clicking photos; Chun uses this same principle in making his device more user-centric. We are a photography-inclined generation and innovations that focus on not overwhelming us by simplifying tech advancements are always welcome.
Designer: Jeiyong Chun of SADI

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Posted: 08 Feb 2012 02:12 AM PST
For all you know SpareOne may go onto become an iconic phone with its simple approach of being the ideal spare phone that works on a single AA battery. A shelf life of 15 years, simple demeanor and intuitive UI, makes it a coveted gadget to carry on hikes, travels and emergency situations.
Rodney explains, “ When we were approached to strategize this spare phone idea, we knew immediately that it has to be simple and “life-proof”. The archetype of a screen was logically used to showcase and glorify this simple but iconic long-lasting AA battery.”
Designers: Rodney Loh & Thomas Tellier for NextOfKin Creatives

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