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Mouse Dioramas - The Miniature Humans

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Some find them creepy, some keep them as pets, some call them pets while a few make art out of them! Any guesses who I might be referring to? Take a hint from the nursery rhyme 'Three Blind Mice'. How many of you know about taxidermy? Some of you maybe. But how many of you love it? Not many huh!
Wait until I change your mind, with these pictures below!
Mouse dioramas eating sandwich

mouse dioramas rowing a boat

mouse dioramas mice sunbathing

mouse dioramas couple on a bridge

Heard of the movie called 'Dinner for Schmucks'? If yes,you might as well be fascinated by the elaborate mouse dioramas and so called "mousterpieces" made especially for the movie by the not so famous Chiodo Brothers. One of the main characters, Barry is a crazy taxidermist and he creates little scenes with all the mice he 'stuffs'. Stuffs is not the correct word and I bet there's a more technical term they use. But we will go with 'stuffs' for now.
mouse dioramas couple on a date

mouse dioramas couple cycling

mouse dioramas couple in bed

Dioramas are often made by hobbyists as a part of related hobbies such as military figure modeling,miniature figuree modeling or aircraft modeling.
mouse dioramas couple in a parachute

mouse dioramas juggling fireballs

mouse dioramas couple on a merry-go-round

Mouse dioramas employ the ancient art of of Anthropomorphic taxidermy where stuffed animals are dressed as people or displayed as if engaged in human activities.A bizarre Victorian hobby that transforms dead mice into miniature humans is now getting its revival in various art classes in the U.S.

mouse dioramas couple having breakfast

 mouse dioramas boy flying away in the wind

mouse dioramas finger ring statue

Taxidermists may practice professionally for museums or as businesses catering to hunters and fishermen.To practice mice taxidermy one must be very well acquainted with anatomy,sculpture,painting and tanning.Stitching their teeny tiny dresses and other accessories is absoultely relevant to this hobby as it gives them human like appearance.
mouse dioramas interview

 mouse diorama cafe puerto rico

mouse diorama masterchef

mouse diorama pretty lady with flowers

Mouse dioramas are a work of most delicately handled mice and creativity. Full of life they seem like, don’t they? It will serve as an ideal hobby for artistic people who’d like to extend their reach beyond the conventional portrait making. It is although not suggested for the faint hearted.

mouse dioramas happily married after

 mouse diorama holy father

mouse dioramas wizards in magical land

mouse dioramas playing guitar

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