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SNAKE IN AN ATM: Bizarre discovery at a cash point

We all know the so-bad-it's-good 2006 action film "Snakes on a Plane." But the Samuel Jackson vehicle now appears to have a real-world sequel:
A Spanish video that shows a man innocently attempting to take out cash out of an ATM, only to discover a snake slithering out of the cash-dispensing slot along with the money.
The ATM's security camera captured the wayward snake; before long, the footage turned up on the blog BoingBoing, and quickly went viral on the Web.
The short shows the snake--which got stuck in the ATM slot as it was poised to exit its nest of cash---peering out of the machine.
Someone tries to poke it with a stick--an overture that the already stressed-out reptile did not take kindly. The snake, which looks to be at least a foot long, lashes out at the stick with its tongue.

But in this animal tale, all ends well: The Caja Madrid bank customer got his money, and the snake was freed by police, who took it in a box to an animal shelter

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