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15 Hilarious Signs !

There are a few signs which are universal over the world such as the no smoking sign and the stop sign.
 However, in most cases when you visit a completely different part of the world, there is a little difference in the sings of your country and the one you’re visiting. 
That is nothing compared some of the truly absurd signs that some people put up.
We did some research and came up with 15 hilarious sings that are sure to make you smile. Enjoy. 
Now that is what I call recycling. But what about the toilet paper? Are you supposed to throw that on the floor?
2-welcome to accident
 No joke- There is a town called Accident in Maryland. Guess this is one town which has a unique history behind it.
3-curved fruit
Because just naming them Bananas would be too easy and boring!
4-car bridge
This seems to be the most eco-friendly road policy ever. If you’re riding a bicycle, then it’s fine but please drive off into the water if you’re in a car. Needless to say, that sign really shouldn’t be there.
5-church sign
This sign most aptly answers the question “Why I go to church”.
6-cows falling
So now in addition to every else, we’re supposed to watch out for cows dropping from above? This sign should’ve been on every road in India a few decades ago.
7-cutest soap
This sign speaks to your conscience.  Who would have the heart to steal this soap after reading this sign?
8-deceived child
Oh the pain of not being able to express one’s feelings through words. Any toddler’s complaint.
9-drunken peple crossing
Every bar should have such a witty sign.
10-free drinks
This is just one of the many perks of being a woman! 
11-piss off ppl
Just imagine what kind of signs the people sitting behind this delightful fellow would want to be holding up.
12-pizza hut
As opposed to all the other Pizza Hut’s in the world who don’t serve pizza?
13-stole something
Now that’s one good reason to run a marathon. To improve your “running” skills!
14-warning to tourists
Take this sign seriously. Don’t laugh. Apparently the natives don’t have a sense of humor.
Imagine you’re driving to work eager to crack that big meeting. You’re a little worried that you might not make it in time. And then you see this sign.

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