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Want to live Happy ? Say NO to Worries !

Think about happiness, what is the very first thing that comes to your mind? Is it a part of the world’s golden rule, a philosophy or what? Well, the truth is that happiness is a very vital thing that comes from within and is controlled by people themselves.
Happy living does not mean possessing all the things in this material world nor being able to laugh out loud after seeing stupidity of others. That’s not that. Living a happy life means living naturally and simply without carrying any burdens in life and experiencing unwarranted pressures.
In trying to live a happy life, there is no need to make things complicated. The “art of happy living” is not a complicated thing nor is it difficult to learn.  Rather, it is a simple art that involves living well, eating well, thinking well and feeling well. Just tune up your mind to enjoy every moment of life and let happiness follow you around.
Moreover, happiness is purely an internal matter. It has nothing to do with your external circumstances. Most people do the fatal mistake of looking outwards for happiness rather than looking inwards. Only fools worry about the circumstances on which they have no control of. Why worry when the weather would not change if you do? Instead, enjoy everyday whether it’s hot, humid, cold, cloudy, foggy or snowy. Keep your internal weather pleasant all the time. Don’t allow external matters to take your smiles away.
The feeling of happiness is within you. There is something positive within you that keeps you happy and there is something negative within you that makes you unhappy at times. That “something” needs to be looked into thoroughly. If you want to live a happy life then get rid of the negative “something” which makes you unhappy. Negative approach always complicates the problems and increases unhappiness.
Happy living is the reward of positive thinking. Remember, only a positive thinking can bring happiness into your life. If you cannot think positively, you cannot live happily. Be your own coach and adviser. Look everything in a positive angle. Find something good even in most critical moments of your life. Make positive thinking the basis of your happy living.
In brief, happiness is all around. It’s not far away from you. If you do not want to live happy, it’s up to you. It’s your own choice. Don’t blame others. Don’t blame your fate or the external circumstances you face.

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