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Purrrrfect Jag / Designers conceptualize next generation piezoelectric based Jaguar E-Type

Inspired by the vintage Jag e-type of the 1960s, the Jaguar XKX concept finds a modern balance between pure muscle and supreme elegance. 
The design returns to the total smoothness of the brand’s original models with soft, fluid lines that dip and curve into one another like liquid. 
 Vintage inspiration combined with highly advanced tech (I.E. – an outer skin that recharges the battery) make this one fierce kitty.
With a much smaller and cooler power plant than conventional models, the aerodynamics were conceived in a new innovative way.
The side deflector intakes of the front are broader so a much less air gets stuck by the engine- instead, it flows behind the front wheels, moving behind them and sliding along the doors before taking another shortcut through the rear wheels and out from the large rear openings.
This greatly reduces the total flowing path and subsequently drag.
Designers: Hussain Almossawi & Marin Myftiu

Designers conceptualize next generation piezoelectric based Jaguar E-Type

A Jaguar that harvests piezoelectricity? That’s right, designers Hussain Almossawi and Marin Myftiu have conceptualized a modern version of the famous Jaguar E-Type that set the bar high for sports cars in the 1960s. Though not endorsed by Jaguar itself, the XKX concept is a design study into how the next generation model of the classic E-Type could be. Unlike the conventional E-Type that ran on fuel, the XKX will make use of piezoelectricity harvested from energy produced by air friction.
jaguar XKX concept by hussain almossawi + marin myftiu

jaguar XKX concept by hussain almossawi + marin myftiu
jaguar XKX concept by hussain almossawi + marin myftiu
According to Almosawwi and Myftiu, the decision to conceive of a next-gen version of the E-Type came about after an in-depth study of the some of the world’s most famous Jaguars ever produced. By applying modern technology and new body forming techniques, the designers began to envision the successor to the E-Type and the XK8 models.
In terms of style, the result is no match when compared to the traditional models but manages to incorporate elements of the sleekness and curves favored by automakers back in the day. It combines these with futuristic bodystyles especially at the rear.
Since the XKX concept won’t need the use of a bigger conventional powertrain, the designers could model the concept to become more aerodynamic by widening the side deflector intakes on the front and sculpting the door panels on the side to facilitate air flow. The body of the XKX will be covered in piezoelectric cells that harness air produced from friction and generate power which will be fed into the vehicle’s battery system.
The designers also developed ‘disappearing’ side mirrors that fold into a hatch when the car is parked to minimize chances of mirror vandalism which, incidentally, is believed to be the second most reported act of vehicle vandalism in the United Kingdom.
It’ll be a long time before we finally have automobiles that run on piezoelectricity but the efforts made by Almosawwi and Myftiu look set to bring the day nearer.

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