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Las Vegas roulette wheel reportedly hits 19 seven straight times

ABC News reports that the numerical sequence was only a test by the casino and not a live result. Original story, including updated photos from readers of other purported roulette results follows. Jeff Romano has updated his Twitter feed, denying that he was intentionally trying to mislead the public. Needless to say, we're glad we hedged our bets on this one.
A photo taken by a professional gambler in Las Vegas purports to show a roulette wheel hitting the number 19 seven times in a row. And as the Las Vegas Sun notes, the odds of striking such a remarkable set are an astounding 3 billion to 1.
The sequence reportedly occurred at 8:32 p.m. on Monday at the Rio Casino when professional poker player Jeff Romano captured the image on his phone's camera and uploaded it to Twitter. In a subsequent tweet, Romano responded to inquiring readers by noting he was "just passing by" the roulette table when he spotted the numbers.
After hitting 19 for the seventh time in a row, the wheel landed on the number 15 for the eighth spin. But the wheel then hit 19 one more time on its ninth spin.
Caesars Entertainment tells the Sun that it was unaware of the alleged string of numbers until contacted by the paper.
The paper has not yet been able to verify the accuracy of the event, including questions about whether it could have occurred if the roulette wheel was not properly aligned. But if true, the Sun notes this would be "one of the rarest documented roulette runs in the city's history."

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