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Where to Get Your Antioxidants

No matter what your diet is like, it’s pretty much a guarantee that you could use more antioxidants. Antioxidants are great because they may actually be able to help counteract the damaging effects of our lifestyles. 
Antioxidants are found in foods (fruits, vegetables, teas, etc) and may help slow down the oxidation process of your cells. 
Does this mean that they are going to keep you wrinkle free long into your 50′s? Probably not. But they are a very important part of preventing future damage.
Are you wondering where you should get your antioxidants from? 
Check out the handy chart below the cut in this post to get ideas on the best fruits and vegetables to add to your diet. 
You might be surprised at how many of these antioxidant bursting foods are already a part of your diet!!

Where to Get Your Antioxidants

Editor’s Note : I realize that this graphic suggests getting Selenium from animal sources. 
The entire graphic as a whole was too great for me not to share based on this one line of information. 
If you’re vegan like I am, don’t worry! 
Selenium is popularly thought to be mostly from animal sources but you can easily get it from plant based sources as well. 
The best sources for selenium are Brazil nuts, seeds, grains, soy beans and mushrooms.
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