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20 Most Breathtaking Images Of Space

We hope you will enjoy  our editorial pick  of some of the  best space photos  ever made.There are of course lot of more photos that deserve attention , but this is our small pick.

1. Venus Transiting Sun

Rare Astronomical Event  when Venus passed directly between the Sun and Earth. Photo  captured by  Japan’s satellite Hinode

2.The Moon, Callisto, Ganymede, Jupiter, Io, and Europa

Img Source : Nasa
. Lined up left to right beyond the dark lunar limb are Callisto, Ganymede, Jupiter, Io, and Europa. In fact, Callisto, Ganymede, and Io are larger than Earth’s Moon, while Europa is only slightly smaller.

 3.The East Coast by night from the International Space Station

                                                                                                                  img source :Nasa
This Beatufil photo was taken on 01.29.2012  by one of the Expedition 30 crew members aboard the International Space Station,

4.Milky Way above Easter Island

                                                                                 Image Credit & Copyright: Manel Soria
Mystical statues on Easter island gives boost to this amazing photo of our Milky way .

5.Total Solar Eclipse

Ok this picture is not real, its made by this artist  . But why not give some imagination to this post . It sure is beautiful. Don’t you think ? :)

 6. Coronal Mass Ejection

                                                                                                                    Img source Nasa
This Coronal mass ejection  on the Sun happened on August 31, 2012 . The eruption wasn’t in Earth direction .Coronal mass ejection traveled at speed  over 900 miles per second. That is s fast for sure .

7. A Jupiter and Io Photo by New Horizons Spacecraft

Jupiter and io                                                                                              Img Sources : NASA, Johns Hopkins U. APL, SWRI
This photo was taken by New Horizons Spacecraft which is on its way to Pluto. It should arrive there by 2015. When this photo was taken Io had volcanic eruption, which made this photo more cooler .

8.The Milky Way from the top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii

                                                                                                Img source
This photo was taken during the nigh in one long exposure a t the top of Mauna Kea (4205m) in Hawaii .

9.Surface of the Sun

                                                                                            Img Source :Nasa
Hot gas on the surface of the sun called Spicules moving 50,000 kilometers per hour. Really spectacular and frightening at the same time .

10.Eye of the God- Helix Nebula

Planetary nebula structure called Helix Nebula .  , Expansion of the whole planetary nebula structure is estimated to have occurred in the last 6,560 years, and 12,100 years for the inner disk.” from wiki

11.Room With a View

This mind blowing picture was taken on Iss on September 2011 . The astrounaut in picture is NASA astronaut Mike Fossum while he was looking from watch cupola Earths horizon.

12.Hubble’s Mystic Mountain

Img Source
This picture represents birth of the start in Carina Nebula , it was taken by Hubble telescope in 2010 . It sure looks mysterious and wonderful .

13. Big Bear’s Sunspot

This photo was taken by New Jersey Institute of Technology’s New Solar Telescope and released in August 2010, this big sunspot is the size of the earth .

14.Astronaut ‘Touches’ the Sun

Img source :Nasa
During the space walk astronaut Sunita Wiliams appears like she is touching the Sun . Photo was taken on 5 september 2012.

15.Star Ending its Life

                                                                                                                         Img source Nasa
Camelopardalis or U cam for Short is a dying star,while ti runs out of the fuel she becomes more and more unstable.Every few thousand years, it coughs out a nearly spherical shell of gas as a layer of helium around its core begins to fuse. The gas ejected in the stars latest eruption is clearly visible in this picture as a faint bubble of gas surrounding the star.

16.Apollo 11 -Photo of Earth From the Moon

                                                                  Img Credit Nasa
This cool photo was taken by Mike Collins   member of Apollo 11 mission,when hi was getting back to his command module . Can you imagine his thrill when he was looking at that beautiful blue marble from the surface of the moon?

17.Forthcoming Supernova

Img Source ESA/Hubble & NASA
This amazing photo made by Hubble shows creation of supernova  called Eta Carinae . Whats also interesting here is that this star is one of the closest to Earth , and when it becomes supernova it will be probably visible from the Earth.That could happen tomorow or  million years from know. Scientist aren’t sure  . But it could look really cool on the earths sky .

 19. International Space Station Floating in the Outer Space

Img Credit Nasa
International Space Station represents one of the highest mankind achievements in the space exploration , so this photo has its place in our list . This photo gives hope and inspires  lot of people to reach the new borders in space .

20.Pillars of Creation

                                                                                                                Img Credit Nasa
And for the last photo we have chosen Pillars of Creation , one of the most famous Hubble photo . It represents cluster of gases which  are creating newborn stars , its really amazing photo

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