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The First Aerial Footage of a Penguin Colony… Shot by a Bird

Filming nature from the air sometimes can be really difficult. Not only the camera has to be good, but also the aerial vehicle often needs to be motion stabilized for perfect aerial shots. However, many great things happen by accident.
Falcon Films a Penguin Colony
Take a look at this wildlife shoot. The angle doesn’t seem traditional, but the view is amazing and seems to perfectly depict the everyday life of a penguin colony. It might have been shot by an artistic documentary camera man. As you might have already guessed, this is not the case. It is actually shot by a bird, a very curious falcon.
Falcon with a Camera
Yes, this guy. :)
This is the time of the year when most of the penguin eggs have already hatched, and penguins are on guard over their young day and night. This falcon thought he got lucky to find one egg that hasn’t hatched yet. As it turns out, there is a good reason why it hasn’t happened. It was actually a disguised camera. Nevertheless, this bird of prey chose to steal it, and as the result, an incredible footage of the penguin colony was made.
When the bird finally realized that a camera doesn’t make a good treat, a pair of vultures descend and fall for the same trick and this time make the camera roll down the hill while penguins themselves don’t seem to care much about what happens.
If we let the nature go its own way and play by its own rules, amazing and amusing things can happen

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