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Reusing Glass Bottles Into Design Objects

Reusing Glass Bottles Into Design Objects

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Ecological new designs are a great way of preparing ourselves for a greener future. However, this
does not solve the waste problems we are experiencing today. Reusing waste materials is a great
solution to reduce the vastly growing pile of rubbish we’re stuck with due to the immensely popular
throwaway-products. Whether you go for reusable bags at the groceries or refurbishing old furniture,
you don’t have to start big to make changes.

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Reuse design is exactly what inspired Spanish designer Tati Guimaraes to create the Dvinus collection
for Ciclus, an environmentally friendly and sustainable design company located in Spain.

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Dvinus consists out of a variety of polished wooden table tops with holes cut out for the table’s legs.
All accessories are absent, which means you have to supply the legs yourselves using empty bottles
from your trash can. This means you can shape your table as you like, using your favourite wine
brands as classy design objects. The reusing motion makes you reconsider your everyday lifestyle to
prevent throwing out useful materials in the future

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Dvinus is ideal for an evening of wine tasting on the couch while showing your brand new coffee
table to your dinner guests. The combination of design minimalism and durability whilst promoting
an eco-friendly lifestyle makes this product an absolute must for design fanatics.

Text by:
Ine Devos
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