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11 tips for better trips !

1. Don't use public computers to log into any sensitive accounts. Criminals install keystroke readers - often without the knowledge of the Internet cafe owners - and can then access any account you have logged into.
2. Buy a bag in an usual color or pattern so that no one will accidentally take your luggage at the carousel. It's easier to spot too.
3. If you are going on holiday with a partner or friend and taking more than one suitcase between you, always split your clothes between the cases. That way, if one gets lost or destroyed you will always have some clothes for your holiday.
4. Never ask a concierge for dining advice unless you want to hang out with other tourists. You are better off asking a bellhop or a maid or, better yet, asking a local where they eat.
5. Scan in your passport and email yourself a "jpeg" of it. If you lose your passport or it gets stolen, you can print off a copy anywhere in the world to speed up the process of getting a new one.
6. Use your digital camera for more than just taking pictures of the sights. Take a photo of your bag in case your luggage gets lost; take pictures of your travel confirmations and your passport.
7. Ladies: pick a shoe color and select everything else around that. This way, everything will coordinate with everything. If you then pack extra necklaces - dressy, casual, chunky and so on- you can change a look by changing the accessories.
8. Many museums offer free admission on certain days or nights of the week or at certain times of the month. The Louvre, for instance, is free on the first Sunday of every month, as well as Bastille Day on 14 July. Check ahead for details of other offers.
9. If you need to wash some clothes in the sink but the hotel doesn't have anywhere to dry them, try hanging them up in the bathroom with the light on. They'll be dry by morning.
10. If you get the dreaded tummy bug and start to lose all of your liquids but struggle with the taste of re-hydration salts, don't panic. Flat Pepsi will provide you with all the electrolytes, salts and sugars you need.
11. Taxi drivers will try to pretend they don't have change to get more out of you, so always try to have small bills and a pocketful of coins before you get into a cab.

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