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American Kills Elephant With Bow For A Bet !

An American woman has slaughtered an elephant with a bow and arrow... to win a bet.
The Texas-born hunter killed the elephant with a single shot
Teressa Groenewald-Hagerman was so proud, she posted pictures on the internet showing her beaming beside her kill in Zimbabwe.
The 39-year-old huntress said she crept into a herd of 37 elephants, knelt down, and shot the grand creature from just 12 yards.
It staggered 500 yards before it collapsed, then she left it to die overnight.
Ms Groenewald-Hagerman is the first woman known to have killed an elephant with a bow and arrow.
The Kansas-born woman slaughtered the animal to win a bet with a male friend who said she would be unable to pull the heavy bow required.
For eight months she worked out for four hours a day so she could pull a £450 PSE X Force bow.
The lethal weapon has a 'draw weight' of 90lb - more than twice the amount pulled by female olympic archers.
Teressa Groenewald-Hagerman
On the hunting website Hunts of a Lifetime Ms Groenewald-Hagerman wrote: "A man by the name of Larry, who is a videographer for Orion Multi Media, bet me I couldn't shoot a buffalo or elephant with a bow.
"He indicated only one or two women had completed the buffalo with a bow and no woman had ever taken an elephant with a bow. Of course, I couldn't turn down the challenge."
The blonde has received praise from other hunters in online posts.
One blogger on described her as: "Stunning looking, and a (sic) avid hunter.
"Her shot was made at 12 yards and the Bull traveled (sic) 500 yards before going down. 500 African Villagers were fed with the meat from the Bull.:) (sic)", Africanbowhunter said.
Another called BO-N-ARO wrote: "12 yards!!! I bet they had a great blood trail because of the low entry!! She had to have been shooting UP! That has to be one of the best examples of setting a goal and working hard to achieve it!"
The last person known to have killed an elephant with a bow was a man called Howard Hill, 60 years ago. It has rarely been attempted since.
Hunting elephants for sport is not illegal in some parts of Africa and many tour companies allow tourists to join organised hunting trips.

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