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What does a million dollar buy?
Think, You have a million dollar and live in U.S, what do you want to buy?
A new house? you should know the house pricing in that country is too high and you never can buy your dream house.
Maybe you want to spend your money in traveling and sightseeing the cities, it's not bad but you should know too after a month or utmost two month, when your money's finished, you will back at the first step.
Please let me seconds to describe more important subject than this, what's the money's position in our life?
We have two types of lifestyle, first the people live to earn money and in the other people working and earning money to live. This is a two different lifestyle.
Unfortunately the majority of people in this age think money is everything.
If we ask them, knowledge or money which them is better? they answer us money is the real heaven.
They think, maybe better I say we think, if we have much money the problems dissolve by them self.
But when we arrive the money and being a rich guy, money change our beaver and personality, this idea proofed by the experience and it's not total in the world. Maybe this proverb say everything we must to say: "world when show himself to us that we understand meaning of humanity."

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