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Breathtaking photographs of Alborz mountains,by B.A. Tafreshi & O. D. Zakarian

Babak A. Tafreshi was born in 1978 in Tehran, Iran. He is a science journalist and educator, an active amateur astronomer, nature and night photographer and editor at astronomy Magazine of Iran ( Babak has also contributed astrophotography featuring Iran's landmarks and night sky to the US magazines, Sky and Telescope, Astronomy and Mercury.
Oshin D. Zakarian was born in 1977 in Tehran, Iran. His career in photography in general and astrophotography in particular began in 1992. His main interest in photography is to capture Nature and History of the country at night along with astronomical events. He thinks that a strong emotional connection with nature helps a photographer to produce much more deep impact in a photograph.
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ima said...

بسیار زیبا.. قدرت خداوند را در عکاس هایتان به تصویر کشیده اید.. .. یک عکس میتواند جای هزاران کلام باشد.. و شما به راستی با عکس های زیبایتان.. قدرت خداوند را به نحو بینظیری ارائه دادید.. موفق باشید دوست نازنین و تبریک برای انتخاب شایسته ای كه شدید