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Turtle Wrench

Bloody ol’ genius that’s what we’ve got here!
It’s a new way to take off a tire.
Stick with me here, this is really neat.
You take this “Turtle Wrench,” right, and you attach it to your wheel: it connects to all of your wheel bolts at once.
Now the wrench has four arms sticking out, one of them each a wrench that correlates with a bolt.
You drive forward one full rotation, and as you push forward each wrench, it loosens a bolt.
Did you get all that? You should, because it’s flippin awesome.
Look at the pictures below and tell me if you know what’s going on here.
Also there’s a prototype whipped up by the designer already, so hopefully I can have one by late winter — I’m not a fan of that first crank, if you know what I mean.
Designer: Fabiano Pottes

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