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10 craziest bars in the World

We’ve made a list of the best places in the world where you can throw back those tequilas and chug those beers-the best places to visit for those times you feel like an alcohol binge or even just a tinge of some.  These places have gained their repute, not only for serving the best traditional and exotic drinks but also for their ambience, unique method of serving and even interaction with the staff. A visit to these places is a must, if not for the alcohol then for the memorable experience it provides you.

bar collage
1) Cova d’en Xoroi, Minorca
Located on the edge of a beautiful cliff on the south coast of the island of Minorca, this cave bar offers spectacular views of the surroundings.  Enjoy a selection of the best cocktails while viewing the beautiful sunrise or sunsets as this bar is open day and night.  It also transforms itself into a hot dancing destination at night with the best international DJ’s spinning their tunes. This is one bar that is not to be missed.
cova 1cova 2
2) Route 36, Bolivia
Route 36 is the world’s first and only cocaine bar.  It offers you much more than your average cocktail.  It is located in one of Bolivia’s capital cities, La Paz.  Route 36 sells the most sought after and open expensive, cocaine lined on empty black CD cases along with alcohol. Due to complaint from the neighbors regarding the use of the illegal drug, the location of the bar changes constantly. As a consequence, the bar’s location can be known only through word of mouth. It attracts foreign drug users and backpackers from all over the world. 
3) Alux Lounge, Mexico
Alux is a unique restaurant, bar and lounge located inside a naturally formed cavern.  Tantalize your senses while enjoying the fine international and Mexican drinks and cuisine.  At Alux, the main attraction is nature itself.  Admire the stalagmites and stalactites formed due to fissures of the caves while drinking and dancing.
alux lounge 1alux lounge 2
4) Casa Pocho, Spain
Normally, we judge a restaurant according to its ambience, food and the service. In return, we’re also expected to maintain a certain level of decorum. However, this is not the case at Casa Pocho where free beer and tapas are given to customers who insult their bartenders. Excluding extremely rude words, the customers are allowed to use milder insults such as jerk and idiot. Casa Pocho  is co-owned by Bernard Mariusz and Michal Lotocko, this bar is the perfect place to head out to after a bad day to let off some steam. 
casa pocho
5) Sugarloaf Kiosk, Brazil
This bar tests just how far you’ll go to have a drink. Located at a height of 1, 296 feet in Rio de Janeiro, this bar is accessible via two ways. You can either go the easy way (ride a 75 passenger cable car) or impress people and rock climb. It’ll be seem worth it in the end when you’re admiring the mountain-top view with a tall caipirinha which is a blend of ice, sugar, line and cachaça, a Brazilian alcohol made from distilled sugarcane.
sugarloaf kiosk 1sugarloaf kiosk 2
6) Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Jamaica
A trip to Jamaica is incomplete without a visit to this unique bar. It is a rustic wooden shack located about a quarter of a mile out to sea in Parottee Bay.  Along with delicious fresh seafood and traditional Jamaican beverages, you can even go swimming in the clear water.  Boat rides are available to take you from the shore to the bar and back.
flloyds 1
 flloyds 2
7) Zulunkhuni River Lodge, Malawi
On the northern shore of Africa’s vast Lake Malawai lies an unusual lodge. It consists of four thatched huts next to a bar and restaurant which are built into a rock cave near the waterfall.  Getting to the lodge requires either a five-four trek or ferry ride. Moreover, the vodka-filled watermelons are kept chilled in a kerosene icebox as there’s no electricity available.
zulunkhuni 1 zulunkhuni 2
8) NASA, India
Located in Bangalore, this bar is made to look like the inside of a space ship.  Inside NASA, the lighting is neon blue and the serving staff are dressed as astronauts. The tables also have rocket fins attached. It was created by Vijay Mallya. To all to the glory, laser-light shows take place every night. 
nasa 1nasa 2
9) The Baobab Tree Bar, South Africa
This is the world’s only bar inside a tree! It is located inside a huge 72 ft high baobab tree in a garden in Limpopo. The tree itself is 6000 years old. This amazing bar which is hallowed into the 155 ft wide trunk has its own phone and dartboard. It even has its own cellar, with natural ventilation to keep the beer cool. To add to all this, the pub is lit with electric lighting and has a bell outside for last orders.
tree bar 1
tree bar 2
10) The clinic, Singapore
This bar is the kind of place you go to for the experience rather than the drinks.  The Clinic bar, as predicted is inspired by a hospital. It has hospital beds as couches, the servers are wearing scrubs and drinks are served in syringes and test tubes. To add to the morbid feel, the rooms are in the shape of pills.
clinic 1clinic 2

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