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Types Of Fears !

  Fear comes daily and often in our lives in the form of stress, worry, anxiety and in a variety of other wasteful and negative forms. Let us look at some of the types of fear human beings suffer from:

* The unknown   - for example, death or a new situation.

* Loneliness   - sometimes people fear loneliness to the extent that they cannot bear their own company, preferring to lose themselves in superficial (artificial) relationships and activities.

* The future   - as the problems of the world increase, whether political, economic, environmental or social, this creates, or adds to, personal and collective fear of the future.

* Illness   - sometimes because of fear of disease, people make their sickness worse than it is, or live in fear of inflicting (getting) something horrible.

* Other people   - usually this is the greatest fear of all: fear of others' anger, rejection, judgement and violence.
* Failure   - some people avoid doing something, or choose not to act, because their fear of failure weakens initiative and confidence.

* Authority   - this can be fear of a parent, of a boss, even of God. Because authority has often been misused, in order to control and suppress people, it is a normal result that fear, in the form of suspicion and mistrust, has become such a negative force, both personally and collectively, in society.

There are many reasons for these types of fear, but the main ones include:

* Past experiences , which brought disappointment, insecurity, or wariness (caution).

* Lack of faith   in one's self and in others.

* The need for approval , to belong, or to be accepted.

* The habit of seeing things negatively.

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