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How to boil a perfect egg

Yeah, you might think it ain’t THAT difficult but trust me don’t let it fool you. It’s about techniques, those tiny little steps make a perfect dish or ruin it, completely.
Oh well, having that said, this half-boiled egg is also all about technique and timing, okay it’s almost ALL about timing. :) In this case there are three types of boiled eggs:
  1. Half boiled egg
  2. Medium boiled egg
  3. Hard boiled egg
I like my egg to be medium boiled and some times hard boiled. Well the difference between is simply of “timings”.
Soft boiled egg>>>
It has a runny yolk, and the egg white is also soft. Follow the instructions as below, only note that the time when it starts to boil is only 3 minutes.
Medium boiled egg>>>
Medium boiled egg has a soft yet firm egg white and the yolk is moist but not runny. Timing for medium boiled egg is 4-5 minutes.
Hard boiled egg>>>
Hard boiled egg as the names suggests, has hard yolk and firm egg white. Last but not least, the timings for hard boiled egg is 10 minutes.
I tried to make medium boiled egg  myself three times without following any advice and got nothing but a hard boiled egg. I like my egg to be soft, not runny from inside.
So, in order to make a perfect boiled egg, you need…
What you need>>>
Saucepan————- 1
Clock or kitchen timer
How it’s made>>>
  1. Get your egg out of refrigerator. For better results bring it to room temperature.
  2. Now fill your saucepan with water and gently place the egg . Don’t break it.
  3. Now bring the water to boil.
  4. Once it starts boiling, quickly note the time and leave the egg to cook for the time specified above.
  5. Once done, take the saucepan off heat and run cold water over the egg. It helps to break the shell easily.
And there you go, your perfect boiled egg. :)
Have a break,
have an egg,
have it boiled.

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