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3-D Copies of Your Face, "A decent costume idea for Halloween"?

If you can’t come up with any decent costume ideas for Halloween this year, why not go as yourself?

Japanese company REAL-f has developed the nightmarish technology to create incredibly accurate 3-D copies of the human face down to the most minute detail.

REAL-f starts by taking photos of your face from multiple angles; these images are then imprinted onto vinyl chloride resin stretched over a mold.

The end result, called a 3DPF (3 Dimension Photo Form), is so accurate it even recreates your irises, pores, blood vessels and facial hair.

Prices start at $3,920 with additional copies available for $780 each.

If an exact copy of your face isn’t quite strange enough, you can get a replica of your entire head for just under $6,000.

Not exactly cheap, but with the number of pranks you could pull with one of these, it might just be worth it…

"For best results, store in your roomate's dark closet."

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