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What is meditation? Meditation Articles and Techniques

The beginning of Meditation.    

Meditation began from, Human, animals, things, fortune, rank, praise and power are the things that people try to seek and seize for themselves because they always think that these things will make them happier and better.  But many times these things bring the problems and forces back because they have to struggle to possess these things.  Sometimes there were some quarrels and angers so much that they fight or have wars.  They had to exchange with lives.  At last, the real things they got are making the bad retributions, making the feud and revenge.  They will compensate the bad retributions in next lives which will make them worse and unhappy both body and mind.

Meditation Techniques : Vitamin for the Mind

  What is meditation?
When you are talking about meditation, you have to understand first that meditation is not the matter to the hermit or the ordained ones only.  But meditation is the way to train and develop your mind to become more stable, adhere to the goodness and have a better quality of mind.  In the Buddhism, the worldly people can meditate to be happier and get better livings and the ordinants can meditate as the way to free own self from all defilements.
However, meditation is universal.  It means that not only Buddhist can do, the other religious followers can do too.  Meditation is focusing on the own practice because the practitioners will get and understand about the result of meditation by themselves. And if they have any question, they can ask the expert with the accurate questions corresponding to their experience.  Although the meditation theories have been described thoroughly, the practitioners may overlook it while they are meditating.
The Meanings of Meditation 
Meditation can explain its meaning in many aspects including to the meditation effects and its processing, for example, meditation is calm, comfortable and happy feeling that human can make.  In Buddhism, meditation has been appointed to be a regulation for the doers will have a better life, be conscious and intelligent.  There is no limit of age or gender for meditation.  Everyone can meditate simply.
The meanings in the aspect of meditation effects 
Meditation is the indication of mind being in only one emotion continuously or the indication of mind being still, not wandering.  The concentrated mind is united to be one, clean and clear enough to see how pure the mind is.  The pure mind will cause that person to have a strong willpower, be smart and happy in the same time.1
The meaning in the aspect of processing 

In the other hand, meditation in the aspect of processing is the stableness of mind, the stable state of mind in/on to something or the mind standstills to something without wandering.Meditation cause Inner PeaceIn the contradiction, there is one thing that everybody has in this world and it is free of charge and does not require to struggle with anyone.  It is the only thing that can lead us to access the real happiness - The happiness from inside by meditation – the meditating until you access the Inner Dhammakaya. The inner Dhammakaya exists in everyone’s body.  The attainment depends on your intention to practice until you reach it.  Whenever you attain the Inner Dhammakaya, you will be proud and happy by yourself without struggling with anyone and you will be happy enough to share it to the world.  
World Peace Begins with Inner Peace Benefit of Meditation and How to Meditation TechniquesThe real world peace will be happened, it must start from us.  The family, work, social and country livings will be happy and without any conflicts, it must begin with our first minds’ still by Meditation.  We can do it by meditation first by your selft and expand our happiness from inside Meditation to outside.  Every good thing will be started with our minds.  It begins with the first still at the 7th base of mind which we may not hear or know before.  But it is the important thing to benefit most in the peace creation in this world.      
    The Mind as the Origin of Peace and War Let's Begin to Meditate and learn How to Meditation Techniques     So, all of us should realize to the importance of the inner peace which is created by meditation because whenever the peace is in everyone’s mind, the world peace creation will not be the difficult thing anymore.

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