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Porsche Design set to reveal 'posh' BlackBerry details!

Porsche Design set to reveal 'posh' BlackBerry details!
Porsche Design is known as the manufacturer of flashy and expensive gadgets, including mobile phones, pens, watches and household products. BlackBerry is the latest to receive the Porsche Design makeover, with a modified version of the BlackBerry 9980 on the horizon.
As with other Porsche Design products, you can expect an angular design and high quality materials, and a price tag to match. Although the keyboard still looks to be present on leaked images of the handset, it’s also received the straight-edged makeover, and it’s bound to polarise opinion.

The metal and leather design looks to be as far as Porsche Design has got involved though, with other features proving more conventional. According to rumours, you’ll find RIM’s BlackBerry 7 OS, with Wi-Fi, 3G and NFC also built-in.
According to Slashgear, more details on the Porsche Design BlackBerry will be released on October 27th. Launching in Dubai, you can bet the handset will be exclusive!

BlackBerry Knight, Special BlackBerry For Porsche Owner

There is something interesting we meet went we browse in this early today.
There is a strange looking BlackBerry handset that forced our eyes to see it.
The “new” BlackBerry handset has odd industrial design and futuristic QWERTY keyboard with a connection to BlackBerry 9900/9930.
Based on several information, this new handset is a specially made for Porsche owner with codename Knight.
BlackBerry Knight is injected with some ports, camera completed with flash and also proximity sensor.
This phone is runs on BlackBerry 7 OS. In the pictures that are leaked on the internet, this phone is operated in China Mobile’s EDGE network.
This design of this phone is very attractive, with metallic QWERTY keypad. There is also touchpad in the middle of the four BlackBerry button..

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