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Camcorder found in 2000yr old archaeological dig from Egyptian Tomb!



On Wednesday, October 5, 2011, a new video surfaced online that reportedly shows amazing images of a video camcorder that was found within a burial tomb in Egypt. The camcorder was allegedly sealed within a 2,000 year old canopic jar. Canopic jars were commonly used in Egypt during the mummification process and contained the organs of the deceased. Could this discovery at Giza be proof of the existence of time travel?

The jar that appears to contain a modern day camcorder in the photos (see video) has a jar stopper that is fashioned after a human head, perhaps one of the four sons of Horus. Specifically, it appears the jar stopper may have been made in the image of the human-headed god Imseti meaning that the canopic jar would have contained the liver of the deceased. There is nothing consistent with the burial process in Egypt at that time that could account for the presence of an object resembling a camcorder to reside inside a jar that should have contained a human liver.

The images originated from a person who remains anonymous. This person claimed to have been present at a meeting regarding the video camcorder that was found in Egypt under such mysterious circumstances. The jar was X-rayed, and the anonymous tipster provided photographs of those X-rays to Rubberdiver13 , who shared them on his video channel along with the following description:

“regarding an anonymous email sent to me…camcorder found in 2000yr old kanobic [sic] jar, and a message people have to know the truth, these are x-rays of the jar,still sealed,prior to opening, the footage, was unbelievable he said,but couldnt release it, only managing to secretly photograph the prints at a meeting”

This isn’t the first time evidence has surfaced that purportedly proves the possibility of time travel. Another video created a firestorm of interest and debate. The video was a clip from a 1928 Charlie Chaplin movie that appeared to show a woman speaking on a cellphone decades before the ubiquitous modern technology was invented.

Source and author: m.examiner * Youtube)

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