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The TOTO Toilet Bike

If you’re feeling the crunch at the gas pump, it turns out that the solution might be gas of a different kind.
No room for passengers. That's probably for the best.

Japanese toilet manufacturer TOTO has created a motorcycle that runs entirely on biogas, in this case provided completely by the rider.

Perched upon a custom TOTO toilet-saddle, the user can fill the bike’s tank simply by emptying their own.

Being as the bike runs entirely on human waste, it could theoretically run indefinitely so long as you have to “go” enough.

Easy Rider.

Far from just a concept, the TOTO toilet bike will embark on a month long tour of Japan to prove that the technology works.

Whether or not biogas will be a viable alternative to fossil fuels remains to be seen, but there is absolutely no way you can call this vehicle “green”!

The moon hubcaps seem appropriate.

The exhaust pipes have me a little worried.

Story and photos via Spoon & Tamago and TOTO.

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