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The World's Ugliest Animals

By encino :
I resisted creating this one for a while because I was thinking it was a bit shallow and that all of God's creatures are beautiful, aren't they? 
Not really. Anyway, animals don't mind being called ugly, what matters to them is food, sleep and mating, in that order. 
And when it comes to mating strength and skills usually count for more than beauty.
hairless newborn aardvark
A newborn hairless aardvark is not so handsome
Newborn aye-ayes are not handsome either so much for the all babies are cute theory
baird tapir
Baird tapir
One blobfish I am not interested in eating
deap sea anglerfish
elephant seal
Elephant seal
scavenger bird
The marabou stork with its nearly hairless head, wrinkly skin, ugly throat sack and spindly legs wins the ugliest bird award
frill shark
Frill shark
naked mole rat
Naked mole rat
Rodents are not favored for their good looks but this is an extreme case.
ugly bat
Not pretty and the high-pitch screeching doesn't help either
mexican mole lizard
Mexican mole lizard
starnosed mole
Star-nosed mole - anything headless with claws is not going to make friends easily
And now for a few that are not necessarily from ugly species but are only some of the ugliest representatives from within their species.
fugly cat
Ugly cat not overly concerned
diseased dog
This dog has some problems
tongue and mohawk
Some style issues
hairless whiskers
Hairless but yet big whiskers

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